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  • Mental health and psychosocial support must be at the core of humanitarian NCD programmes

    24th August 2018

    This blog explores findings from an MSF programme tackling NCDs in pre-war Syria. It highlights the enormous impact of war and the refugee experience on care delivery and self management. 


  • Basic diabetes care shouldn’t depend on luck

    14th August 2018

    A meeting with an exceptional patient causes one NGO employee to reflect on the importance of access to basic care – and the role of the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in making it happen.

  • Youth stakeholders: Investing in them will help us to beat NCDs

    07th August 2018

    With the UN High-Level Meeting and renewed commitment to the Alma Ata Declaration in the forseeable future, Dr Shakira Choonara reflects on what youth engagement really means, and how youth can and should be truly included to advance progress on tackling NCDs. 

  • Hiding in plain sight - the dark NCD legacy of asbestos

    01st August 2018

    This World Lung Cancer Day, Emily Walsh looks at the impact of asbestos on lives and explores what needs to be done to alleviate the avoidable risk to life and health. 

  • Internships at NCDA: two interns share their experiences

    17th July 2018

    In 2017, the NCD Alliance benefitted from the collaboration of two interns, Mounika Parimi in the London office and Anna Van der Linden in the New York office. With long-time interest in global health and development, they welcomed the opportunity and share with us some reflections on lessons and benefits of the experience. 

  • NCDs and human rights: from international treaties to real life stories

    15th July 2018

    In this blog, Mathilde Chiesa shares stories which illustrate how addressing aspects of NCD prevention & care, such as by upholding rights to health, life, food, treatment and information, can improve the lives of people everywhere. 

  • Battling NCDs in rural Nepal

    10th July 2018

    Bikash Gauchan is a medical doctor in rural Nepal. He describes the effects of NCDs, particularly in places where infrastructure and systems struggle under the strain, and the challenge that NCDs pose to prospects of achieving UHC.

  • We need to speak louder and act for diabetes & other NCDs

    10th July 2018

    Sheila Vasconcellos is a journalist living with type 1 diabetes in Brazil. Here she writes of how both challenges and opportunities - like being a Bakken Invitation Honoree - have inspired her to be a powerful voice of change for NCDs.