Agitate, educate, integrate and communicate!

George Alleyne, Director Emeritus, Pan American Health Organization, called on all of us to agitate, to educate, to integrate and to communicate.
“Agitation in the sense of stirring the consciousness of all, particularly the political decision makers and the consciences of some. I have yet to see a placard for reducing impotence from diabetes. I have yet to see a placard for reducing blindness due to diabetes. I have yet to see a placard advocating for the increased use of morphine for palliation as so many of our people die in pain.
Educate – education in its true sense of bringing into the light the facts and dispelling the myths related to NCD, and informing all our publics of the gravity of the crisis and the availability of solutions that work.
Preach integration of the services necessary. It is good for people and good for governments.
But above all there is the need to communicate not only horizontally, but vertically as well and there is no shortage of material for your communications.”

Full 16 June summary