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Notre réseau de 2 000 organisations comprend plus de 1 000 associations membres de nos fédérations, ainsi que 1 000 organisations de la société civile (OSC) mondiales et régionales, associations scientifiques et professionnelles et instituts.

Aux côtés de partenaires stratégiques tels que l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS), l’Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU) et les gouvernements, l’Alliance sur les MNT œuvre au plan mondial, régional et national pour que la société civile s’exprime d’une seule voix dans le cadre de la campagne mondiale contre les MNT. Rejoignez le mouvement !

Join the conversation online

  • #MNT and #NCDs are our hashtags. Use them!
  • #EnoughNCDs is the hashtag of our campaign calling on governments to move from rhetoric to action and to make concrete and action-oriented commitments at the next UN High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage. Visit enoughncds.com  to join "ENOUGH.Our Health.Our Right, Right Now".

Secondary hashtags:

  • #HealthforAll
  • #beatNCDs

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Join a National or Regional NCD Alliance

TPo network with other advocates and discuss the creation of a formal or informal group to coordinate outreach activities. Groups of people affected by or living with NCDs may be strong advocates for improving access to NCD prevention and control. Check out the directory here .

Why not join our Consulting and Support Group (CGS)?

With the common goal of improving the lives of people with NCDs and addressing their risk factors, some corporations, foundations, research institutes and non-governmental organizations have the opportunity to be part of the Consultation Group. support (GCS) of the NCD Alliance. To learn more about our partnership programs, click here .

Make your community aware of NCDs

Discover through your local member organizations how to make your community aware of NCDs. Check out our directory here .

Celebrate a global day to fight a NCD or risk factor. Examples:

World Cancer Day ía Mundial del Cáncer  - 4 February

World Kidney Day  - March 10

World TB Day   - 24 March 

Global March Against Endometriosis - March 30

World Day of the Food Revolution  - 19 de mayo

World No Tobacco Day  - May 31

World Alzheimer's Disease Month  - Septiembre

World Heart Day  - 29 of September

World Pneumonia Day  - 12 November

World Diabetes Day  - 14th November


Check out our calendar  for more information.

Share a story

We are always fond of testimonials about what individuals and communities are doing to prevent, treat and spread the word about NCDs and their risk factors. Write to us  !

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Youth & Students

Join the Network of Young Chronic Disease Professionals  to team up with other students and youth working on NCDs

Useful resources you can inspire

Consult our Resources section to access our virtual seminars, policy documents, presentations, practical guides ... and more. 

If you would like to discover other ways to participate in the movement, contact the NCD Alliance team.