NCD and risk factors screening campaign in rural area conducted by Prof François Ndikumwenayo and volunteers

Burundi NCD Alliance (BNCDA)

The Burundi NCD Alliance (BNCDA) is the umbrella civil society organisation for Burundi citizens on the fight against NCDs and their risk factors.

BNCDA is a civil society organisation whose mission is to contribute to NCD prevention by raising awareness and action against NCD risk factors, to promote access for NCD patients to diagnosis, technologies and essential medicines, particularly in primary health facilities at the district level.

NCDA full member & national NCD alliance

About the Burundi NCD Alliance

Established in 2014 by four national associations (the Cancer Association, Diabetes Association, Epilepsy League and Asthma Association), the Burundi NCDA is currently formed by eleven civil society organisations.

BNCDA is an active member of the East Africa NCD Alliance (EANCDA) and of the global NCD Alliance. In January 2018, BNCDA contributed to the The East Africa NCD Charter, establishing action points to advance the NCD agenda at regional, national, and sub-national levels. Delegates from BNCDA have also participated in key international events on NCDs, such as the 3rd UN HLM on NCDs (2018), the Global NCD Alliance Forum in 2015 and 2017, the annual general assemblies of EANCDA and NCDA's workshop on NCDs in Francophone Africa (2019).

The Alliance has been working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health in all its activities. BNCDA has contributed to the elaboration of the national NCD multi-sectorial strategy plan. BNCDA has also contributed to the national campaign for the 3rd UN HLM on NCDs and for the 1st UN HLM on UHC. BNCDA has contributed to the update of data on NCD risk factors and on the prevalence of NCDs in Burundi.

BNCDA has actively promoted World Days through activities at the national level, such as World Diabetes Day, World Cancer Day, World Asthma Day and World No Tobacco Day. BNCDA members have also worked on in the organisation of media workshops and a screening campaign in vulnerable populations.

BNCDA's vision

BNCDA emerged out of the need to comprehensively and sustainably address the rising prevalence of NCDs in Burundi. Its activities have focused on raising awareness about NCDs among citizens and policy makers through advocacy and awareness activities. BNCDA has also worked on access to diagnosis, technologies and essential medicines, and has promoted accountability.

BNCDA activities are related to the 2030 Agenda, in particular SDG3.4: “by 2030 reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment”. However, there are critical linkages between NCDs and other sustainable development goals (SDGs), for instance, SDG2 (hunger), SDG4 (education) and SDG16 (strong institutions).

BNCDA aims to support the development of responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making and to broaden and strengthen the participation of our country in global institutions dealing with NCDs.

Our strategy focuses on :

  • closely working with the Ministry of Health’s NCD Division;
  • involve people living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) in all activities;
  • working hand in hand with Parliament, media and citizens;
  • working with volunteers (currently 100 volunteers, including medical students, psychologists, medical doctors, and lecturers at the university).


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