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2023 Global Week for Action: the Moment for Caring

This 2023 Global Week for Action on NCDs will be sending the message that NOW is the moment for caring.

It’s not rocket science. Access to healthcare shouldn’t cost the moon and the stars.
No one in any country should lose a child, parent, or spouse to an illness that is preventable or treatable. No one should see their family go hungry, because they’ve had to choose between buying lifesaving medicine or food.
Yet for 210 million households each year facing catastrophic health expenses due to out-of-pocket payments, this is the reality.


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Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is key to care

World leaders have committed to ensure that everyone has access to healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay, by 2030 – this is known as Universal Health Coverage (UHC). But globally almost no progress has been made towards that promise. 
For far too long, way too many people have been deprived of UHC and adequate healthcare. In many countries and communities, especially the most marginalised ones, healthcare is often paid for out-of-pocket, and those who cannot pay their bills can end up paying with their lives.
People living with NCDs are especially hit with out-of-pocket expenses. Although the NCD burden is universal, low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) are the hardest hit. Over 85% of premature deaths between the ages of 30 and 70 from NCDs occur in poorer countries. This makes NCDs far more than a health issue – they are a major human rights and equity issue, as they unfairly burden the poorest and most vulnerable populations with disease, disability and death.
The 2023 Global Week for Action will call for fair and effective solutions to support every person, every family and every community affected by NCDs and the cost of care and treatment. 

A High-Level Meeting on UHC 

As a follow-up to the first UN High-Level Meeting on UHC in 2019, heads of state and government will meet again in September 2023 in New York to discuss UHC. This meeting is an opportunity to build on progress to date and to advance UHC policy and implementation ahead of 2030.
We are calling on governments to accelerate action on NCD prevention and care policies globally across the three UHC dimensions of financial, service, and population coverage.
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