NCD Alliance Structure

NCD Alliance comprises our operational team, as well as stakeholders representing international federations (Steering Group), National and Regional alliances, Expert Advisors, Supporters and Partners (Supporters Consultation Group), and over 2000 member and shared-interest organisations (Members of Federations and Common Interest Group).

Steering Group

The Steering Group provides management, strategic leadership, and financial oversight to the NCD Alliance, and is the primary decision making body of the NCDA, with responsibility for all decisions relating to the strategic direction and governance of NCDA. The Steering Group comprises seven executive members, four non-executive members, and the Executive Director of NCDA (non-voting).

Expert Advisory Council

The purpose of the Expert Advisory Council (EAC) is to provide expert guidance and support to the NCD Alliance Steering Group (SG) on the positioning of NCDs within global health and the international development agenda, the framing and focus of NCD Alliance global campaigns, and its own organisational development.

Supporters Consultation Group (SCG)

NCD Alliance supporters share a common interest in improving the lives of people living with NCDs and tackling their risk factors. The Supporters Consultation Group (SCG) includes all current funders of NCDA, including NGOs, foundations, and private sector companies. The group has two co-chairs (one NGO and one company) and provides advice on multi-sectoral issues, monitors progress and proposes new initiatives to be undertaken by NCDA.