NCD Alliance Board, May 2017, Geneva (Switzerland)

Board of Directors

The 12 members of the Board of Directors act as the executive body of NCDA.

The Board of Directors governs NCDA in accordance with its objectives and its regulatory and statutory obligations. It is empowered to act generally in the name of NCDA, providing leadership and strategic direction.

The NCD Alliance Board includes 12 Board Members, including the President, who are voted by the members. The Board of Directors, elected in May 2017 by the General Assembly, will serve until May 2019. 


Jose Luis CastroPresident: José Luis Castro (Biography)

Executive Director

The International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union)



Sir George AlleyneSir George Alleyne (Biography),

Director Emeritus

Pan American Health Organization



Mahendra Arunashanthi WijesuriyaMahendra Arunashanthi Wijesuriya (Biography)

Executive Director

NCD Alliance Lanka



Paola BarbarinoPaola Barbarino (Biography)

Chief Executive Officer

Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI)



Deborah ChenDeborah Chen (Biography)

Executive Director

Heart Foundation of Jamaica




Jean-Luc Eiselé Jean-Luc Eiselé (Biography)


World Heart Federation



Ibtihal Fadhil Ibtihal Fadhil (Biography)


EMRO NCD Alliance




Todd HarperTodd Harper  (Biography)


Cancer Council Victoria



Paula JohnsPaula Johns, (Biography)

Executive Director

ACT+ Brazil




Tezer KutlukTezer Kutluk, (Biography)

Immediate Past President

Union for International Cancer Control




Ehsan LatifI.D. Rusen (Biography)

Director of Research and Development

The International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union)



Gerald YongaGerald Yonga (Biography),


East African NCD Alliance