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Our mission is to unite civil society into a respected and credible movement acting on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Our network includes over 67 national and regional alliances and 300 members in 80 countries dedicated to driving action on NCD prevention and care.

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Noncommunicable diseases, or NCDs, matter to everyone. They include some of the world's most common chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease (heart disease), stroke, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, and mental health conditions. An estimated 1.7 billion people (1 in 5 people) around the world live with at least one NCD and they are responsible for around 71% of global deaths.
The NCD movement is unified by the cross-cutting nature of common risk factors, including unhealthy diets, alcohol, tobacco use, physical inactivity and air pollution – and shared health system solutions to tackle NCDs.
Our community includes member organisations addressing NCDs and their risk factors, national and regional NCD alliances and people living with NCDs.
NCD Alliance is committed to leaving no one behind. For us, every voice counts, especially that of people living with NCDs. Together we work to accelerate real change on NCDs to promote health, protect rights and save lives.

Global Week for Action on NCDs

Everyone has a role to play in reducing the NCD burden. The Global Week for Action on NCDs aims to unite efforts each year around a specific theme. Actions can be big or small - the power of the Global Week for Action comes through collaboration across countries and sectors towards a common goal: reducing preventable death and illness and increasing health and equity around the world.

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People living with NCDs need to be heard

In recognition of the central role of people living with NCDs in the response, the NCD Alliance developed the Our Views, Our Voices initiative to promote the meaningful involvement of people with lived experience of NCDs.
This means supporting and enabling individuals to share their views in order to take action and drive change. Our commitment is to put people at the centre.

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#ActOnNCDs is the hashtag that unites our cause. #NCDVoices is the hashtag for people living with NCDs.

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NCDA members and partners access a range of benefits designed to enhance visibility, networking, and information-sharing to support their work. Joining gives you access to various channels and platforms for deeper engagement between partners and allies working on similar themes or sharing similar challenges, but also to a number of thematic, interest-based or regional sub-networks of the NCD community.
If your organisation shares a common interest in improving lives of people living with NCDs globally, we would be pleased to have you join us. Learn more about the different opportunities offered by each programme.

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