Supporting civil society to drive change

Practical Guide to Strategic Advocacy

About the GUIDE

Advocacy is about seeking systems change. It is our tool for influencing policies, programmes, laws and regulations, and even funding allocations. Advocacy is powerful, but it requires a well-thought approach to promote a specific issue, with a clear understanding of the surrounding social, health, and political context.

NCDA’s Practical Guide to Strategic Advocacy aims to support NCD civil society, particularly national and regional NCD alliances, as they plan and carry out successful and strategic advocacy campaigns. It presents eight key steps to advocacy planning, with examples, case studies from the network, advocacy tools and other resources.

We hope that it will make advocacy more accessible and inspire NCD alliances to take action as NCD advocates.

This Practical Guide was developed thanks to NCDA’s partnership with The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Step 3

Map out those who have direct decision-making capacity or influence over your selected NCD advocacy issue.

Step 6

Develop a strong workplan and budget to take concrete steps towards making your NCD advocacy campaign a reality.

Step 8

Keep track of your NCD advocacy campaign activities and assess your progress through monitoring, and measure your overall achievements and lessons learned.