© Gilberto Lontro / IOF: Global NCD Alliance Forum 2015, Sharjah (UAE)

Knowledge Exchange

NCD Alliance seeks to broker knowledge on evidence-based NCD policy and practice, helping to close the gap between knowledge and action

In many cases for NCD prevention and control, we know what works. We have cost-effective health system interventions, as well as evidence-based public policies and legislation. However progress is still patchy and uneven at the national level, due in part to the inadequate application of this knowledge. As an alliance we have an extensive network possessing a wealth of knowledge and good practice on NCDs from all corners of the world and we provide unrivalled channels to promote and disseminate knowledge to policy makers and advocates alike. We regularly convene members of the global NCD community and we are thus well positioned to catalyse multisectoral debate and build consensus on key issues. The NCD Alliance has a major role to as a global thought leader on NCD policy and practice.

One of the major challenges for NCDs and public health more broadly is closing the gap between knowledge and action. 

NCD Alliance produces high quality analysis and publications on priority policy issues, with a strong focus on showcasing good practice. We work with partner organisations to translate knowledge and policy into action, and help ensure that good practice in evidence-based policy and implementation are shared among international, regional and national forums through multistakeholder dialogues. 

Our knowledge exchange work involves
  • Developing policy analysis, publications and briefs on relevant and timely issues to support advocacy, policy and practice in the NCD and health community; 
  • Promoting evidence-based interventions and good practice in NCD prevention and control policy and governance, including national NCD plans, targets and commissions;
  • Supporting the advancement of the research agenda for NCDs. 
NCD Alliance provides opportunities for the exchange of knowledge by facilitating and convening face to face meetings, high-profile events, roundtables and virtual webinars focused on topical themes with case studies and examples of good practice. Together with the biennial Global NCD Alliance Forum (see Convening), these opportunities seek to catalyse dialogue and build consensus on priority issues.
The NCD Alliance website is a global knowledge hub for the NCD community. In addition to being a repository for policy analysis and publications, a great strength of our website is sharing useful resources and tools which support the work of civil society organisations.