Kids eating a watermelon in Mexico
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Video Stories of Change

Promote health. Protect rights. Save lives.

Solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenge – noncommunicable diseases – told in video format. Explore examples and evidence from around the world of people, communities, organisations and governments stepping up to protect health, promote rights and save lives.

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The battle for better brain health

If you are one of over a billion people worldwide who suffers from migraines, you know how painful and debilitating they are. But did you know that migraines are much more than a headache?


Mexico's junk food bans

Mexico bans junk food marketing to children to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, overweight and obesity.


Barbados raises sugary drinks tax to fight disease

Sugary drinks are a major driver of the global epidemic of chronic conditions like obesity and diabetes. Barbados is one of several countries around the world looking to lower consumption of these health-harming beverages while generating public funds.


The community cure

Mental health disorders are common and their prevalence is increasing, yet stigma, cost and lack of trained professionals means that most people who need treatment never get it. India is demonstrating that the solution could lie in local communities.

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Tanzania and Guinea take action against diabetes

Diabetes rates are skyrocketing around the world – especially in low- and middle-income – but this disease can often be prevented. Tanzania and Guinea are taking actions to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and other chronic diseases.