Kids eating a watermelon in Mexico
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Video Stories of Change

Promote health. Protect rights. Save lives.

Solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenge – noncommunicable diseases – told in video format. Explore examples and evidence from around the world of people, communities, organisations and governments stepping up to protect health, promote rights and save lives.


The simple solution to improving access to care

In Brazil, all citizens are entitled to free health care, but many of them live too far away to access it due to the high cost of transportation and the time it takes to get to the nearest medical center.


Harmful marketing: selling a sick future to children and teens

Kids everywhere are under attack by a predator that knows exactly where to find them and how to win their trust. Authorities do little to stop it, parents invite it into their own homes. But the harm it inflicts on kids and teens, which is both immediate and lifelong, has no limit.