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Capacity Development

Capacity development is a cornerstone of the NCD Alliance’s work aimed at empowering and supporting NCD civil society at national and regional levels to effectively and sustainably stimulate government action and ensure accountability for NCDs.

Translating global political NCD commitments into public health, development, and societal gains requires strong and sustainable regional and national civil society. The NCD Alliance’s capacity development programmes aim to support the growth of national and regional NCD alliances, strengthen advocacy and accountability, and amplify the voices of people living with NCDs.

The NCD Alliance leads on a variety of initiatives and in-depth tailored programmes to develop civil society capacity to deliver progress on noncommunicable disease prevention and control. NCDs include illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, mental health conditions and cardiovascular disease. We focus on nurturing and enabling strong and sustainable alliances that effectively bring together different organisations to advocate on common issues and monitor national and regional progress.

The NCD Alliance seeks to promote a vibrant and active NCD civil society community with collaborations and partnerships across sectors, borders, diseases and risk factors.

Our Views, Our Voices

Our Views, Our Voices is an initiative that seeks to promote the meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs in the NCD response. Find out more about this initiative and learn how you can get involved here!

NCD Advocacy Institute

NCD Alliance’s Advocacy Institute supports and strengthens national and regional NCD civil society. Its Seed Programme supports the establishment of NCD civil society networks in countries/regions where these are non-existent or nascent. The Accelerator Programme works with established NCD alliances in selected countries/regions to strengthen advocacy efforts where there are windows of opportunity for specific NCD policy change.

Supporting National and Regional Action

"Expanding Access to Care, Supporting Global, regional and country level NCD Action" is an NCD Alliance programme in partnership with Medtronic Philanthropy. It aims to build the capacity of NCD civil society to monitor national progress on NCDs, advocate for improved NCD policies and strengthen health systems.

Civil Society Resource Library

The Civil Society Resource Library contains a wide variety of tools and guidance, advocacy materials, features of national and regional action, as well as relevant articles and case studies to help inform and inspire national and regional NCD Alliances. As a communal and ever-growing knowledge repository, we encourage you to submit recommendations of relevant resources for inclusion!

Directory of National & Regional NCD Alliances

Today there is a growing network of national and regional NCD alliances providing vital platforms for unified advocacy. Explore a world of NCD alliances here…