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Capacity Development

Capacity development is a cornerstone of NCD Alliance’s work aimed at empowering and supporting NCD civil society at national and regional levels to effectively and sustainably stimulate government action and ensure accountability for NCDs.

Meeting the global targets for NCDs and translating global political commitments into public health, development and societal gains will require strong and sustainable regional and national NCD civil society organizations and alliances. To assist with this, NCD Alliance supports and strengthens the capacity of NCD Civil Society Organisations and national and regional NCD alliances to stimulate government action and ensure accountability for NCDs.

The NCD Alliance’s capacity development activities focus on three points where capacity is grown and nurtured: within individuals, in organisations, and in an enabling environment.

NCD Alliance leads on a variety of partnerships and in-depth tailored programmes to develop civil society capacity within countries and regions to drive improvements in NCD prevention and control. 

NCD Alliance promotes the voices of those living with or affected by NCDs to advocate for NCDs, empowering individuals to share their stories and be actively involved in NCD prevention and control in order to advance rights and combat stigma and discrimination.

Today there is a growing network of national and regional NCD alliances around the world, which are providing vital platforms for unified advocacy. A list of these alliances can be found here.

NCD Alliance is supportive of an NCD civil society community, enabling the joining of forces between organisations as alliances, coalitions and networks in-country and in-region to collaborate on issues common to the range of NCDs. NCD Alliance supports coalition-building of topic-specific alliances and networks in the field of NCDs at all levels, including risk factors.

Capacity Development Services

NCD Alliance's capacity development activities involve providing resources and tailored programmes to strengthen organisational and human resources so that they can best perform functions, solve problems and achieve objectives.  Regular mappings of NCD civil society provide valuable information of its characteristics and evolving needs so that the NCD Alliance can respond with resources and programmes that are appropriate and timely.

We provide a portfolio of capacity development services for national and regional NCD leaders, CSOs and alliances, including tools and guidance documents, technical assistance, training workshops, seed grant programmes, and networking initiatives. The exchange of successes and lessons learned between NCD alliances is actively promoted.


A NCD civil society resource library collates the different resources that can support NCD alliances in their organizational and programmatic development.


The NCD Alliance capacity programme for emerging and de development veloping NCD Alliances, the NCD Alliance Leadership Institute, currently under development, aims to focus on specific common areas of need across NCD alliances. 

Global NCD Alliance Forum

Our flagship platform for capacity development is the biennially convened Global NCD Alliance Forum. More information can be found under Convening.