In 2016, ACT+ Brazil ran a social media campaign on NCDs, using humour and irony to highlight the marketing campaigns of unhealthy ultra processed foods. The public was invited to rethink the campaign’s slogans. © ACT+

Supporting National and Regional Action

"Expanding Access to Care, Supporting Global, Regional, and Country Level NCD Action" is an NCD Alliance programme in partnership with Medtronic Philanthropy.

This programme involves working with national partners to build the capacity of NCD civil society, support efforts monitoring national progress on NCDs and advocating for improved NCD policies along with strengthened health systems.

Since 2014, the NCD Alliance in partnership with Medtronic Philanthropy has been supporting local partners in Brazil, South Africa, and the Caribbean region to build networks of action, conduct national-level research and analysis to monitor progress on NCDs and identify gaps, develop dialogue with governments and other key stakeholders, and advocate for improved NCD policies, programmes, and health systems strengthening. In 2015, India was also added to the programme.

The programme is funded by a generous grant from Medtronic Philanthropy that continues an ongoing strategic commitment from the company to help reduce the global burden of NCDs, which began by supporting the NCD Alliance’s contributions to the historic 2011 United Nations High-Level Meeting on NCDs.

Learn more about the four National Implementing Partners by visiting their pages below!


ACT Health Promotion

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Healthy Caribbean Coalition

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Healthy India Alliance

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South Africa

South African NCD Alliance

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