Supporting National Action in South Africa

"Expanding Access to Care, Supporting global, regional, and country level NCD Action" is an NCD Alliance programme in partnership with Medtronic Philanthropy.

The South African NCD Alliance (SA-NCDA), which brings together well established and respected disease-specific organizations, was formed in 2014. Here’s a timeline of the alliance’s progress and achievements as part of this programme…

Highlights from 2016

Throughout the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, SA NCDA has been active in supporting a sugary drinks tax in the country. SA NCDA mobilised to make a national government-level submission on the topic. Furthermore, presented its views at an official hearing organised by the Treasury of SA, where it was the only CSO invited to present. In both the written consultation submission and in the hearing, SA NCDA defended the introduction of a tax on sugary drinks and made the strong call for earmarking the tax revenues as a way of addressing the underfunding of NCDs. SA NCDA continues to actively advocate on this subject to ensure that the tax proposal and earmarking of funds is as strong as possible.

SA NCDA in collaboration with the Gauteng Department of Health and the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) held the Gauteng Province NCD Prevention and Control Workshop in October 2016. The workshop focused on collaborative action on diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and management. It was attended by 250 delegates and there is continued dialogue with the Gauteng Department of Health on how SA NCDA can support provincial structures for NCD oversight and coordination.

SA NCDA is seeking to address NCDs via a sustainable development and UHC lens. It has been active in taking part of government discussions regarding the NHI (National Health Insurance) White Paper, mobilizing its members to send a submission on a consultation on the subject.

SA NCDA collaborated with the NCD Alliance and GNP+ (Network of people living with HIV/AIDS) to hold a community conversation with people living with HIV and NCDs at AIDS 2016.

Finally, in 2016 the alliance also joined the steering group of the newly formed Regional African NCDs Network.

SA NCDA activities and accomplishments since 2014 will appear on this page within the coming weeks!