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    October 2022

  • Multistakeholder Gathering for the Global NCD Compact

    When: 07th October 2022

    Register now! How can non-state actors support governments with their national NCD efforts and rally the world to reach NCD-related sustainable development goals? Join NCD Alliance and the World Health Organization for a multistakeholder dialogue on the Global NCD Compact. 

  • World Mental Health Day

    When: 10th October 2022

    This year's World Mental Health Day campaign aims to make mental health and well-being for all a global priority.

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  • World Sight Day

    When: 13th October 2022

    This campaign will highlight the importance of people prioritising their own eye health and call on leaders to ensure that eye care is accessible, inclusive and affordable to everyone, everywhere.

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  • World Congress of Cardiology 2022

    When: 13th October 2022 - 15th October 2022

    Rio de Janeiro will be the state of one of the most important cardiology events of the year: the 77th Brazilian Congress of Cardiology together with the World Congress of Cardiology, organised by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology in partnership with the World Heart Federation (WHF).

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  • World Cancer Congress 2022

    When: 18th October 2022 - 20th October 2022

    The World Cancer Congress, an initiative by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), aims to strengthen participants' impact on national, regional and international scales through a programme that features the latest successful interventions on cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

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  • World Osteoporosis Day

    When: 20th October 2022

    The International Osteoporosis Foundation's 2022 campaign will urge people of all ages to follow a bone-healthy lifestyle for osteoporosis prevention and management using the campaign slogan 'Step Up for Bone Health'.

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  • WSO 14th World Stroke Congress

    When: 26th October 2022 - 29th October 2022

    World Stroke Organization (WSO) are hosting the 14th World Stroke Congress in Singapore, where the international stroke community will assemble to discuss reducing the burden of stroke by delivering improvements in prevention, treatment and support. 

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  • World Stroke Day

    When: 29th October 2022

    World Stroke Day 2022, a World Stroke Organization campaign, will continue to focus on stroke symptom awareness and the importance of seeking emergency medical treatment if you supspect stroke, promoting the power of saving #Precioustime

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  • World Psoriasis Day

    When: 29th October 2022

    This World Psoriasis Day 2022, the International Federation of Psoriatic disease Associations (IFPA) is 'unloading psoriatic disease' and opening up conversations about mental health complications for those living with psoriatic disease.

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  • December 2022

  • IDF World Diabetes Congress 2022

    When: 05th December 2022 - 08th December 2022

    Shape the future of diabetes at the International Federation of Diabetes (IDF) World Diabetes Congress in Lisbon, where the global diabetes community will convene. Register by 30 June 2022.

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