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NCDA membership

NCDA membership

  • NCD Alliance Webinar, 20 February 2019

    27th February 2019

    The February 2019 webinar presented updates on the special accreditation for the UN HLM on UHC and its interactive hearing in April; presented the UHC2030 civil society segment; and reported back on the 144th WHO Executive Board and the Prince Mahidol Award Conference.

  • Juntos somos más fuertes - Únete a la Alianza de ENT

    13th September 2018

    ¿Desea unirse al movimiento de la ENT y asegurar que sus prioridades estén representadas globalmente al más alto nivel? ¿Le gustaría conectarse con defensores/as, activistas y expertos/as en ENT a nivel regional y mundial, y aprovechar las oportunidades para una acción estratégica y coordinada? ¿Está dispuesto/a a llevar su trabajo de incidencia al siguiente nivel?

  • NCD Alliance Webinar, 31 July 2018

    1st August 2018

    This webinar covered: NCDA Updates: New staff & launch of NCDA membership; Update on the UN HLM Process; News from the UN High-level Political Forum; WHO Regional Committee Meetings; ENOUGH & the Global Week For Action on NCDs.

  • Together We Are Stronger - Become a Member of the NCD Alliance

    15th July 2018

    Do you want to join the NCD movement and ensure your priorities are represented globally at the highest level? Would you like to connect with NCD advocates and experts at regional and global level, and leverage opportunities for strategic and coordinated action? Are you ready to take your advocacy work to the next level?

  • The NCD Alliance's Membership Principles

    14th July 2018

    NCDA's mission is to unite and strengthen our civil society network to stimulate collaborative action for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) through advocacy, accountability, capacity development and knowledge exchange.