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NCD Alliance Membership: Reflecting on 2023 and Charting the Course for 2024

21st February 2024

During 2023, the NCD Alliance (NCDA) membership base remained strong, with over 400 members across 60 countries including over 120 full and associate members. NCDA member organisations consist of non-governmental organisations, patient groups, academia and national/regional NCD alliances, all joining together to form a diverse civil society movement united to act on NCDs.

Reflections from members

At the end of 2023, a membership survey was shared with full and associate NCDA members, aiming to gain a deeper understanding of member priorities and to inform the membership offering. The survey results provided valuable insight into member engagement with membership benefits, the areas for improvement and their evolving needs and priorities within key NCD policy and advocacy areas across the NCDA strategic impact goals. The diverse range of interests and focuses across members demonstrates a key strength of the NCDA network.

The survey also gave members the opportunity to reflect on their membership experience. Over 50% confirmed that they are likely to recommend NCDA membership to other organisations.

“The NCD Alliance membership offers an invaluable platform for collaboration, advocacy, and resource-sharing in the realm of non-communicable diseases. The extensive network, expert insights, and collaborative initiatives empower organisations to drive meaningful change in global health. The inclusive and dynamic nature of the alliance facilitates impactful partnerships, making it a must for any organisation committed to addressing NCDs. From shared knowledge to joint advocacy efforts, the NCD Alliance fosters a community dedicated to overcoming the challenges posed by non-communicable diseases, making it highly recommended for those seeking to amplify their impact in this crucial field.”

– Bangladesh NCD Forum/South East Asia Regional NCD Alliance

NCDA strives for the continuous improvement of the membership offer and will continue to take member feedback on board to support their membership experience moving forward.

2024 and beyond

Following the 154th session of the WHO’s Executive Board (EB154), which took place between 22-27 January 2024, the countdown towards the UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs is well underway, with several opportunities for members to get involved in the NCD movement. Key dates for the diary include:

  • 27-29 February 2024WHO Global high-level technical meeting on NCDs in humanitarian settings: building resilient health systems, leaving no-one behind - bring together NCD, emergency, refugee and health systems experts from UN agencies, Member States, academic bodies and international and national non-State actors to strengthen the integration of NCDs in humanitarian responses;
  • 23-25 April 2024 – 1st International Conference on Package for Essential Noncommunicable Diseases (PEN Plus) in Africa (ICPPA 2024);
  • 27 May-1 June 202477th World Health Assembly;
  • 18-20 June 20242nd Global Dialogue on Sustainable Financing on NCDs and Mental Health. The Multistakeholder Briefing in the lead-up to the Global Dialogue happening on 15 March.
  • 23-27 September 2024 – 79th United Nations General Assembly;
  • 20-22 October 20244th NCD Forum — Organised by the NCDA in partnership with the Rwanda NCD Alliance as local host, the Forum will offer a prime opportunity to unite and mobilise civil society ahead of the next UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs in 2025;
  • 20254th High-Level Meeting on NCDs — The Fourth High-level Meeting of the UN General Assembly in 2025 is a deadline for a set of nine voluntary global targets for the prevention and control of NCDs.

The NCDA membership benefits consist of a range of opportunities, including Peer Learning Advocacy Networks (PLANs), which are platforms dedicated to peer exchange between members connected to the strategic impact goals (members can opt-in to any of the PLAN groups at any time here), and regular invite-only webinars. Upcoming member-only events:

  • Thursday 7 March 2024 14:30-15:30 CET – Peer Learning Advocacy Network session: ‘Strategising advocacy for sustainable NCD Financing and the 2nd global dialogue: A PLAN call for civil society action’. Invitation will be sent to members directly.
  • Thursday 14 March 2024 14:30-15:30 CET – Q1 Advocacy webinar covering recent global NCD advocacy updates and future opportunities to look out for. Invitation will be sent to members directly.

The NCDA events page will be continually updated and will include the dedicated member-only activities happening during 2024 as dates are planned. Any questions from members? Email [email protected]