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universal health coverage

universal health coverage

  • Waiting for Health Project

    16th December 2015

    Launched on Human Rights Day, Waiting for Health Project is a new photo series that shares the faces and stories of some of the millions of people still waiting for health.

  • 2015 Universal Health Coverage Day

    3rd December 2015

    Three years ago, on 12 December 2012, the United Nations unanimously endorsed a resolution urging governments to ensure universal access to quality health care without financial hardship. Now the United Nations has included universal health coverage in the new Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • Economists from endorse Universal Health Coverage

    20th September 2015

    A global coalition of 267 economists representing 44 countries is calling on policymakers to prioritise universal health coverage as an essential pillar of economic development.

  • Care

    14th July 2015

    Lack of access and high cost of care, essential medicines and technologies increases morbidity and mortality, and can force people and families into poverty due to disability and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • WHO lays out plan for financing new global health goal

    13th July 2015

    WHO is urging countries to move towards universal health coverage (UHC) and to scale up international investment in catalytic development funding. The call comes as world leaders convene in Ethiopia, for the Third UN Financing for Development Conference, to discuss ways to pay for the new Sustainable Development Goals, to be launched in New York in September 2015.