Cambodian NCD Alliance

The Cambodian NCD Alliance's vision is to prevent and reduce death and suffering due to non-communicable diseases among the Cambodian population.

We are dedicated to reducing the negative impact of non-communicable diseases on people, society and the economy in Cambodia by calling for multisectoral action to build healthier environments to prevent NCDs, and equitable and affordable essential health services to treat NCDs.

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About the Cambodian NCD Alliance

The Cambodian NCD Alliance (CNCDA) officially launched in March 2019 to call for greater action to tackle the rising burden of NCDs, put NCDs on the political agenda and build a new platform for collaborative action.

The CNCDA is an informal alliance operating in Cambodia with its secretariat based in Phnom Penh and has 22 members, including civil society, bilateral and multilateral agencies, academia, researchers, relevant ministries and government agencies, and patient groups.

Since launching priorities have included: establishing a governing body; forging new strategic partnerships; developing communication platforms; drafting organisational policies and procedures; and developing a shared agenda.

This year CNCDA launched a 3-year Strategic Plan (2020-2023) with 3 strategic pillars and goals:

  • Advocate

Develop and implement advocacy strategies to build political momentum, support for multisectoral action and put NCDs at the heart of national health and development planning.

  • Exchange Knowledge

Provide opportunities for our members and wider network to share knowledge and skills relevant to NCD prevention and control and provide policymakers with evidence-based policy recommendations.

  • Collaborate

Provide opportunities for collaboration on NCD prevention and control among the Cambodian NCD Alliance network and bring our members together to build consensus around a common agenda

CNCDA's work on NCDs in Cambodia

The CNCDA has developed its first annual Action Plan to provide a framework for NCD prevention and control activities. Each of these activities contribute to the CNCDA's strategic outcomes under each pillar.

Immediate priorities were initially linked to the need for accelerated action on the prevention of NCD risk factors and sustainable financing for NCDs. However, the impact of COVID-19 on NCDs has shifted some activities as the CNCDA positions itself to call for the inclusion of NCDs in the national COVID-19 preparedness response plan.

Activities in the 2020 Action Plan include:

  • Identify and recruit champions to raise awareness of key messages and advocate for greater attention to NCDs
  • Produce evidence-based policy briefs to provide information to decision-makers which support key advocacy priorities.
  • Produce written content and disseminate key messages via social media channels and other communication platforms.
  • Produce fact sheets on NCD risk factors and main diseases in Cambodia.
  • Identify ways to increase the involvement of people living with NCDs and document lived experiences of NCDs.
  • Expand and diversify the CNCDA membership by establishing connections with key stakeholders across multiple sectors.


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