Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance

Our vision is a nation free from the avoidable NCD burden through advocacy and the empowerment of civil society to call for action by the government.

The Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance focuses on empowering civil society organisations working on NCDs to advocate at both local and national levels through capacity building, unified action and stakeholder consultations. The Alliance promotes evidence-based advocacy and a strong national consensus on what is priority for the attainment of the national and global NCD prevention and control targets.

NCDA full member & national NCD alliance

About the Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance

The process of creating the Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance (CACSNA) was initiated in 2013 following stakeholder consultations and the technical support from the NCDA. The founding members of CACSNA are the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) together with two other key members: Health of Polulations in Transition and the Cameroon Coalition to Counter Tobacco. The Alliance currently has eight more members engaged in the NCD response.

CACSNA main activities

The CACSNA focuses on building consensus on issues related to NCD policies, on convening and strengthening organisations to advocate at the local and national levels, and on capacity building activities and information sharing to empower unified action across organisations and sectors in Cameroon.

The CACSNA is still in a building process and the secretariat is currently hosted by the CBCHS. Until a website is created for the Alliance, please visit CASCNA's social media pages (links below) to obtain updates about our activities and how you can get engaged with us.



Website (CBCHS)