Danish Red Cross

Humanity is everyone's concern.

We focus on a primary health care approach, recognising the need to address people's changing health needs throughout their lifespan in an integrated approach and across the continuum of care, from preventive care, through medical incidences, rehabilitation and maintenance.

NCDA full member

About Danish Red Cross

Our focus remains on people and communities in need of assistance, who find themselves in situations of vulnerability, or who are marginalised and excluded. For us, our work is not a question of going the last mile. The people and communities we work with and for are the point of departure for all of our actions, and as such, our work starts by going the first mile.

Our aim is to always be present and ready to act on humanitarian needs and challenges in fragile contexts and to drive change so that people can fundamentally and positively transform their lives. To do this, we will reinforce our work on preparedness and anticipatory action, continue to be agile and willing to take calculated risks in volatile environments, strengthen our partnerships and be committed to long-term engagement working for lasting, sustainable results.

We will leverage our presence on the ground and draw on the knowledge and experience we have gained from partnerships with local actors, concentrating our efforts in East and West Africa, the Middle East and selected countries in Asia and Europe.

Danish Red Cross's work on NCDs

Our work in NCDs includes:​

  • Supporting primary and secondary prevention ​
  • Strengthening of NCD services at primary health care level and referral to specialized care​
  • Integrating NCD care into preparedness systems and strengthening of health services​
  • Generating and disseminating evidence on approaches to Models of care for people living with NCD​
  • Providing a leadership role in advancing the scale, quality, and integration of NCD continuity of care in the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement​
  • Working in multi-stakeholder partnerships to address NCDs in humanitarian actions


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