European Federation of Neurological Associations

To improve the quality of life of people with neurological disorders, their families and carers in Europe.

To ensure that the voice of neurology patients is heard and prioritized in the space of NCDs.

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About the European Federation of Neurological Associations

The European Federation of Neurological Associations (EFNA) is an umbrella group representing pan-European neurology patient groups. Our slogan ‘Empowering Patient Neurology Groups’ encapsulates our goals as an Association. We strive to add capacity to our members – allowing them to be the most effective advocates possible in their disease-specific areas.

We also influence policymakers and legislators in Europe (and particularly in the European Union) to prioritise resource allocation to reduce the burden for people living with a neurological disorder. Finally, we seek to establish strong partnerships and alliances with relevant stakeholders in the scientific, clinical, political and corporate arenas to help us to reach our goals – partnership for progress.

These goals can be summarized with the three strategic areas that we are following: Awareness, Advocacy and Empowerment.

EFNA's work around NCDs and brain health

Upon examining various international initiatives, it became clear to us that these initiatives so far have not prioritized neurology adequately. Therefore, in 2018, while maintaining our main focus on Europe, we also began the strategic process of aligning our agenda with international priorities, dealing predominantly with the field of NCDs. This has coincided with the addition of mental health (including neurology) as the so-called 5th NCD in the 2018 UN Political Declaration on NCDs.

One of our main focuses is pushing for ‘brain health’ to be prioritised in this area and disentangled from the work on mental health. With this, we are also advocating for the amalgamation of WHO work on specific neurological disorders into a more strategic, long-term and coordinated action on brain health. Underpinning all this, we call for meaningful involvement of patients in all stages of policy development and implementation.

In addition to this, EFNA is pleased to note several recent developments between 2018 and 2019 that give neurology and brain health more prominence. Following the 2018 UN Political Declaration on NCDs, the UN Political Declaration on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) includes a full reference to “mental disorders and other mental health conditions as well as neurological disorders”.

Furthermore, the WHO Mental Health and Substance Use Department (MSD) has been undergoing restructuring and, as a result, the Brain Health Team is being set up.

However, it is only the beginning of getting neurology and brain health out of the shadows and we are committed to accelerating this process.


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