Finnish Brain Association
Finnish Brain Association

Finnish Brain Association (FBA)

The Finnish Brain Association supports stroke survivals and people who have a developmental language disorder (DLD) and their families to lead full everyday lives.

Healthy brains, healthy Finland. The goal of the FBA is to prevent strokes and to encourage recognition of DLD. We launched the National Brain Health Programme whose long-term social impact goal is Humanly sustainable, brain-health-supportive society. Highlighting protective factors, together with an impact-based approach, makes the programme globally unique.

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About Finnish Brain Association (FBA)

A public health organization, the FBA represents patients and disabled people and supports them in coping with their daily lives. These groups include stroke patients as well as children and young people with developmental language disorder (DLD) and their families. By offering organisational activities, support and information, we aim to reduce the secondary effects of strokes and DLD on the lives of individuals and families and on society as a whole.

The Association serves as an expert on matters concerning people with strokes and speech disabilities. It runs the Communication Cottage network for people with aphasia at community colleges and adult education centres. The Association offers adaptation training courses, rehabilitation courses, training and different kinds of support for its target groups. The Association’s basic tasks include rights monitoring, communication, public outreach, stroke prevention, support for association activities, and various services.

The Finnish Brain Association’s objectives are to continually lower the number of people experiencing strokes in Finland, and to ensure that everyone who has a stroke or is diagnosed with DLD receives high-quality professional support. DLD should be diagnosed as early as possible.

Finnish Brain Association's work on NCDs

The Finnish Brain Association is part of the Finnish Non‐Communicable Disease (NCD) Alliance. The Finnish Brain Association and its coordination partners launched the National Brain Health Programme in 2022. Three factors were emphasized in drawing up the programme: an impact-based approach, meaning the definition of measurable objectives, the perspective of protective factors and making use of co-creation in defining the objectives.

The long-term social impact goal is Humanly sustainable, brain-health-supportive society and the following outcome objectives to enable its realization:

  • Understanding of brain health and disease as well as the appreciation of brain well-being has increased;
  • Brain ergonomics is taken into consideration in operating environments;
  • Everyone has the opportunity for refreshing and restorative sleep;
  • The sense of belonging has increased – all citizens are fellow citizens.

The implementation period of the program is 2023–2029 and the whole plan will be ready by autumn 2023. Coordination partners in processing the plan and coordinating its’ implementation are:

  • Children and young people (families): The Central Union of Child Welfare
  • Working-age population: Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Sustainable Brain Health project;
  • The elderly: Age Institute;
  • Overall support and Swedish-speaking population: Folkhälsan

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