Health and Global Policy Institute

We aim to improve individuals’ well-being and to foster sustainable, healthy communities by shaping ideas, reaching out to global needs, and catalyzing society for impact.

HGPI provides an open dialogue platform with the aim of advancing discussions on NCD cross-cutting policies and facilitating multi-sectoral collaboration at the local and global level. We also seek to enable people living with NCDs to participate in the processes of health policy planning.

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About the Health and Global Policy Institute

The Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) was established as an independent, non-profit and non-partisan health policy think tank in 2004.

The institute strives to realize citizen-centered health policy by bringing together a broad range of stakeholders and providing policy options to society. In order to achieve a fair and healthy society, rather than adhering to positions of particular parties or organizations, HGPI maintains neutrality, presenting innovative ideas and values from diverse, future-oriented perspectives.

To address health and healthcare issues on a global scale, the institute proposes health policy options valid both inside and outside Japan.

HGPI has been included in the annual "Global Go To Think Tank Index Report" produced by University of Pennsylvania for 10 years running, and as the only think tank mentioned from Japan, HGPI currently ranks 4th worldwide in the "Global Health Policy" division, 3rd in the "Domestic Health Affairs" division, and 1st within Asia.


HGPI raised the importance of tackling NCDs early in the game, hosting the NCD Japan Forum in 2011, deepening discussions among experts at home and abroad, and becoming Japan's official NCD Alliance point-of-contact.

Activities have since continued, and in 2018, HGPI hosted a series of global forums to crystalize person-centered policy issues within each of the therapeutic areas of diabetes, cancers, dementia, and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) including stroke, to identify cross-cutting concerns, and to formulate policy proposals by gathering together foreign and domestic stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including patient advocates. Each forum also incorporated workshops and opinion exchanges for individuals living with NCDs, aiming to unearth patient advocates capable of proactively participating in patient-centered advocacy and assessing innovation.

Activities of this sort are leading to the accumulation of common NCD policy concerns as well as best practices expandable across NCD therapeutic areas and are providing spaces for the emergence of patient-led policy recommendations.

In 2019, HGPI is working on renewing "NCD Alliance Japan," a platform uniting domestic stakeholders involved in NCDs, including members of industry, government, academia, civil society and HGPI is committed to further promoting comprehensive, cross-cutting NCD measures.


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