Healthy India Alliance (India NCD Alliance)

The Healthy India Alliance (HIA) is committed to create an enabling environment for active participation of health and non-health CSOs to prevent and control NCDs through effective policies, partnerships and programmes.

HIA aims to catalyse multisectoral action to enhance health and quality of life in India, and to develop a specific action plan for sustainable involvement of civil society organisations (CSOs), youth and people living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) through increased investment, particularly in India.

NCDA full member & national NCD alliance

About the Healthy India Alliance

The Alliance fosters engagement of multi-sectoral CSOs to address NCDs by generating awareness, building capacity of CSOs, empowering youth and PLWNCDs, and advocating for health promoting norms. HIA focuses on youth and PLWNCD-led action and engagement to advance NCD related policy action in India to restrict exposure to NCD risk factors. HIA has undertaken efforts to unite NCD action through its extended grassroots and regional level activities since 2015.

The recognition of mental health as one of the major NCDs and air pollution as a major risk factor (5x5 approach) has been timely in integrating a multi-sectoral approach at country level. HIA aims to utilise this opportunity to decode the relevance of these inter-linkages and work closely with the government, WHO, UNDP and other health, non-health and development sector partners for accelerated action towards achieving NCD targets and SDGs.

Engaging CSOs and individuals at all levels

The Alliance accords high priority to enhancing CSO engagement (both health and non-health) in NCD prevention and control at individual, society, national, regional and global levels. At equal intervals, HIA has been convening national and regional level consultations in the country to understand the regional needs, priorities and opportunities to mainstream action with the national and global discourse and to translate global priorities into national and regional actions.

The Alliance has prioritised meaningful engagement of youth and PLWNCDs in its efforts to advance the NCD agenda, while weaving multi-sectoral collaborations and partnerships. HIA aims to empower youth as champions to participate in policy making discussions to inform policy action and grassroot level activities. HIA is committed to make efforts towards understanding the needs and expectations of PLWNCDs, their rights and responsibilities, and identifying and developing platforms to engage them as advocates.

After the third UN High-Level Meeting on NCDs, held in September 2018, HIA is also making dedicated efforts to translate the 5x5 approach, into actions that follow an integrated approach towards NCD prevention and control.


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