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International Society of Endocrinology

The International Society of Endocrinology (ISE) is the global network integrating all areas of endocrinology and metabolism.

Our vision is to provide optimised life-long health for people with endocrine disorders worldwide.

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About ISE

We represent the global endocrine community through our society members and partners; national and regional organisations of clinicians, researchers, academics, nurses, dietitians and other allied health professionals active in the field of endocrinology. By collaborating with over 75 national and regional societies, we reach out to more than 50.000 health professionals globally.

Endocrinology and NCDs

Diabetes being one of the main endocrine disorders, we wish to support the efforts in global prevention and care strategies for this rising epidemy around the world, particularly in LMIC, where the disease prevalence has been rising more rapidly.

We wish to advocate for better recognition of all other endocrine related disorders and ensure that those are included in global NCD prevention and care strategies.

We wish to bring forward the role of Endocrine Disruptive Chemical as potential drivers of the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). These must also be recognised as main risk factors and taken into account in NCD prevention strategies.


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