Iran NCD Alliance

Together, One Voice / Health For All

The main mission of the Iran NCD Alliance (INCDA) is to strengthen itsmembers’ efforts in promoting NCD prevention. INCDA aims to improve public awareness about NCDs in general, and increase the participation from government institutions and international organisations to take effective measures to reduce the burden, morbidity and mortality of NCDs.

NCDA full member & national NCD alliance

About the Iran NCD Alliance

NCDs are the main cause of death and disability around the world. In fact, the health challenge of the current century is noncommunicable diseases. That is why all the stakeholders including civil society should do their best to reduce the burden of NCDs. For this reason, INCDA was created by 48 NGOs that work in different NCD-related areas in Iran with the purpose of  to coordinate health-related actions in our country.

INCDA main activities

Since INCDA was founded, various activities have been organised, such as holding conferences, training workshops, participate in health gatherings, launch awareness campaigns and publish helpful resources on NCDs.

On 1 January 2019, the first NCD conference by INCDA was held in Tehran. In February 2019, as INCDA has a special focus on NCDs in children, we participated in the 1st Salamat-Yar School Congress. INCDA has been also involved in a national campaign for blood pressure monitoring and established several blood pressure screening stations in urban spaces.


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