Global Obesity Forum

Building on the momentum of previous high-level events, World Obesity Federation, WHO and UNICEF are joining forces as co-organisers to convene this year’s Global Obesity Forum on Monday 20th September from 10:00-13:15 EST/16:00-19:15 CET).

The event will bring together key players from across the global obesity community to discuss the Global Obesity Coalition’s priorities and progress around three main workstreams: changing the narrative, advancing work on healthy environments, and addressing the role of primary care. Bringing together experts from academia, civil society and government, this convening will be an opportunity to share experiences and generate new ideas for the Coalition’s future work. Due to the continuing impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the forum will take place as a hybrid event in New York and online.

Please contact Rachel Thompson ([email protected]) if you would be interested in attending.