NCD Trailblazers: Trans fat free by 2030 - Advocacy for trans fat elimination

Thursday, 30 May from 09:00 - 10:30 EDT // 15:00 - 16:30 CEST through GoToWebinar
Trans fatty acids (TFAs) have no known health benefits and are common in baked goods, pre-packaged foods and some cooking oils. Over 50 mostly high-income countries have enacted policies to eliminate industrially produced TFAs, but many low- and middle-income countries have not yet acted despite their major contribution to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and NCDs: it is estimated that industrially produced TFAs contribute to over half a million deaths globally every year.

During our next NCD Trailblazers webinar on 30 May, proven strategies to advocate for and implement trans fat regulations in different geographic regions and socioeconomic contexts will be presented, drawing from the experiences of countries that have already implemented TFA limits or bans on partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs): Chile, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Thailand and USA. 

These countries are featured in NCD Alliance’s case study report “Trans Fat Free by 2023”, launched at the 72ndWorld Health Assembly and presented at the webinar.  

The webinar will also draw from and showcase the work of the two grantees of NCD Alliance under NCD Alliance’s grant received from Resolve to Save Lives, an Initiative of Vital Strategies: Mexico SaludHable (Mexico) and Heartfile (Pakistan) will present their advocacy work on TFA elimination, talking about their experience to date and recommendations to advocates interested to engage in TFA elimination in their countries.

Finally, the webinar aims to raise awareness and stimulate engagement of advocates with trans fat elimination, the WHO’s REPLACE packageand resources, and available advocacy strategies to support countries in eliminating TFAs from the food supply by 2023.

Join us on 30 May to learn about the huge potential to REPLACE trans fats and improve diet quality worldwide, register by clicking here.
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This NCD Trailblazers webinar is part of a grant the NCD Alliance received from Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, to work globally and nationally to support scale up of proven strategies in WHO’s REPLACE package to reduce and eliminate exposure to artificial trans fatty acids (TFA) and increase availability of healthier alternatives.