Nutrition For Health, not just for Growth

'Nutrition For Health, not just for Growth' is an official side event of the Nutrition for Growth Summit! 

Online event: MONDAY 15 NOVEMBER, 13:00 - 14:30 PM CET

Poor and unhealthy diets and the resulting malnutrition are some of the most serious challenges for public health, economic development and environmental sustainability. More countries are experiencing the double burden of malnutrition where undernutrition coexists with obesity and other diet-related noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer and Type 2 diabetes. 

Stakeholders participating in this event will share examples of evidence-based solutions which can be or have been implemented by governments aiming to reduce the risk of diet-related NCDs, which are aligned with international goals, targets, strategies, and standards on nutrition. Effective action and implementing these solutions can help all countries to achieve WHO and UN 2025 and 2030 Nutrition, NCD and Sustainable Development Goals and targets agreed by Member States. 

Examples presented will cut across food systems settings, such as product reformulation, ultra-processed food and sugary drinks restrictions and nutritious food procurement in public health settings. The discussion will touch upon the importance of healthy diets and nutrition for Universal Health Coverage. This will include discussions around smart financing and domestic financing opportunities and new investment in nutrition internationally. 

This virtual event will:   

  • Share current evidence-based solutions implemented by governments aiming to reduce the risk of diet-related NCDs. 
  • Highlight the need for coordinated and aligned action to implement multisectoral policies and to increase policy coherence across government responses.
  • Encourage governments to make a commitment to all forms of malnutrition by protecting nutrition policy from conflicted interests and overcoming barriers to healthy and nutritious diets.

Speakers include:

  • Ms Lucy Westerman, Policy and Campaigns Manager, NCD Alliance (Moderator).
  • Dr Naoko Yamamoto, Assistant Director-General of Universal Health Coverage / Healthier Populations World Health Organisation – WHO representative.
  • Dr Shakira Choonara, NCD Child Young Leader, Technical Support Specialist, WHO – Youth representative.
  • Ms Nicole Ide, Technical Advisor, Sodium & Surveillance - Resolve to Save Lives representative.
  • Ms Cheryl Toner, Director Food Sector Engagement, - American Heart Association representative.
  • Dr Alafia Samuels, - World Obesity Federation representative.
  • Dr Paraskevi Seferidi, Healthy Food, Healthy Planet, Healthy People Centre of Research Excellence - The George Institute for Global Health.

SPANISH, JAPANESE and FRENCH translators will be available during this event.