World Stroke Day 2019

In just 10 years, the lifetime risk of stroke for over-25s has increased from 1 in 6 to 1 in 4. With 90% of strokes associated with 10 modifiable risk factors, the potential impact of action on prevention is clear and is driving this year's World Stroke Day Campaign.

In the run up to the 29 October, the World Stroke Organization is mobilising and equipping members, partners and stakeholders with communication resources to help raise awareness of individual stroke risks and prevention.
With a core message of #DontBeTheOne, this year's World Stroke Day campaign contributes to the WSO's overarching ambition to 'Cut Stroke in Half', leveraging mobile technology in the form of the widely translated Stroke Riskometer app and providing a series of public information leaflets, focused on the top 10 modifiable risk factors for stroke.
To support on and offline awareness activities a range of communication resources have been developed. From posters to social media posts, videos to infographics you can access a high quality toolkit to support your participation in the World Stroke Day campaign.
All campaign resources will be available in Arabic, Chinese, French, English, German, Hindi, Spanish and Portuguese from the World Stroke Campaign website. We warmly support and encourage all NCD stakeholders who share common cause with stroke prevention to get involved in the campaign.
For more information or to discuss ways to get involved please contact [email protected].