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10 alliances defy pandemic challenges to win 2020 Act on NCDs Campaign Fuel Awards

15th December 2020

In a year when a ‘COVID-19 shaped’ spotlight was shone on NCDs, ten NCD alliances have been awarded 2020 Act on NCDs Campaign Fuel Awards recognising their energetic and inspiring Global Week for Action on NCDs activities focusing on the theme of accountability, considering COVID-19 context and meaningfully involving people living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) and youth.

Across the world, national and regional alliances mobilised their communities, raised awareness, and engaged local authorities and civil society to show urgency and demand action on NCDs, often drawing attention to the particularly disruptive impact COVID-19 has had on PLWNCDs.

"As a young person living with NCDs, I was impressed by how alliances around the world involved young PLWNCDs in their campaigns, enabling our valuable contributions to make this year's global week of action a success," said Joab Wako, youth NCD advocate and member of the judging panel. 

Ten member alliances in Africa, the Americas, and Asia have been awarded 2020 Act on NCDs Campaign Fuel awards for carefully planning and implementing particularly inspiring and effective campaigns that addressed accountability, calling for action from governments, private sector and other stakeholders on NCD commitments

"The recipients of the Act on NCDs Campaign Fuel Awards represent the benchmark for truly effective advocacy campaigns. Each winner shone in their unique way, but what each campaign shared was the ability to create meaningful connections with policymakers and supporters through relevant and timely messages that hit home  - and which created a powerful reverb across all leveraged campaign and communication channels,” said Thuy Khuc-Bilon, World Cancer Day Campaign Manager, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and member of the judging panel.

The ten alliances receiving the 2020 Act on NCDs Campaign Fuel Award:

  • Alliance MNT Benin led a campaign during the Global Week for Action that focused on mobilising the community to demand accountability through health screenings and meeting with local authorities.
  • Cameroon Civil Society NCD Alliance hosted a press conference and organised health screenings demanding specific key action points on alcohol, tobacco and sugary beverages.
  • Coalition MNT-Togo organised a press conference focusing on existing commitments and treaties the Togolese government has made while also highlighting key action to address priorities of people living with NCDs.
  • Healthy Caribbean Coalition hosted a campaign that leveraged social media to call on Heads of Governments in the region to accelerate action on commitments to address the burden of NCDs.
  • Healthy India Alliance curated activities focused on advocating on the rights of PLWNCDs and building capacity of the civil society to demand accountability.
  • Mexico Salud-Hable led a campaign that focused on advocacy calling for an update of the country’s tobacco control law through a forum attended by government officials and the civil society.
  • NCD Alliance Kenya planned a well-curated campaign developed and led by PLWNCDs focused on communicating key asks and demanding action from government, including an innovative social media campaign and letter to the Cabinet Secretary of Health.
  • NCD Alliance Nigeria organised a coherent series of activities which culminated with a roundtable discussion with government officials and legislators to demand accountability on previous commitments.
  • South African NCD Alliance hosted an innovative virtual webinar to call on governments to address key action on NCDs.
  • Zambia NCD Alliance led strategic activities that focused on enabling member organisations to demand accountability and using local media to advocate on NCD priorities.

“I am really impressed by the extent to which the winning alliances were not only able to mobilise communities but also to clearly articulate calls for greater accountability of decision-makers, particularly in the context of COVID 19. I commend the alliances on their commitment to improving NCD policy, on their ability to build relationships, and on their skills in campaigning, mobilising and influencing, all while adapting to the impact of COVID 19. Congratulations to all the winning alliances – it is your activities that are driving improved NCD awareness, support and policy globally” - Sarah Belson, International Development Manager, World Stroke Organization, and member of the judging panel.

The theme of the 2021 Global Week for Action on NCDs, 6-12 September 2021, will be announced shortly. Save the date, start planning and meanwhile keep an eye on social media as we showcase the activities of winning alliances over coming weeks to spark inspiration.

“We congratulate these member alliances on their impressive efforts, enthusiasm and commitment to NCD prevention and control in their countries and regions, demonstrating the growing power of the global NCD movement to leverage the unifying Global Week for Action on NCDs to demand more action and close gaps to progress. We look forward to seeing how they use their awards to support future advocacy campaigns,” said Lucy Westerman, Policy and Campaigns Manager at NCD Alliance.

The 2020 Act on NCDs Campaign Fuel Awards were made possible thanks to NCD Alliance’s partnership with Access Accelerated.