Bangladesh Network for NCD Control and Prevention

A week long campaign for World Heart Day in Bangladesh

22nd October 2020

The National Heart Foundation of Bangladesh (NHFB), a member of the Bangladesh Network for Heart Disease Control and Prevention (BNNCP), is actively working to raise public awareness of the risks of heart disease and to promote preventive measures in Bangladesh.

To celebrate World Heart Day 2020, NHFB conducted a week-long campaign (from 25 to 30 September) which culminated in a webinar with representatives from the Bangladesh National Heart Foundation, Bangladesh Health Services, the Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization.

Over the course of the week, ten health programmes were also broadcasted on national television channels and NHFB's social media networks. During these programmes  cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and various specialists were encouraged to address a wide audience and covered different aspects of the prevention, control and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This was valuable as experts were able to communicate with both the general population and physicians, in spite of the restrictions put in place due to the pandemic. These discussions also paid particular attention to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the specific context of the COVID-19 pandemic.