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Call for Case Studies: Integrated Care for NCDs

02nd October 2017

The NCD Alliance is developing a practical guide to building integrated health care delivery for NCDs, ‘Shaping the Health Systems of the Future: Case Studies and Recommendations for Integrated NCD Care’, promoting good practice for integrating NCD prevention and treatment with other health areas including infectious diseases and RMNCAH.
This will serve as a resource to help consolidate and disseminate the evidence on the benefits of integrated approaches for service delivery and influence practices on the ground, particularly at the primary healthcare level, with case studies to showcase successful examples of integration in LMICs.
It will be targeted at policy implementers and NCD practitioners, in particular organizations working in the field such as healthcare providers, development agencies, NGOs, foundations and the private sector.
If you know of a case study that we should consider for inclusion, please fill in the form below with a brief summary (50-100 words) of the initiative by 10 October and we will contact you to discuss further.