Call for input to inform advocacy priorities for the UN HLM on NCDs

21st November 2017

The NCD Alliance is preparing for the 2018 United Nations High-level Meeting on NCDs.

The exact date for the meeting is yet to be determined, but it will be the third High-level Meeting on NCDs (UN HLM) at the United Nations in New York, potentially in September 2018. This UN HLM provides a platform for governments to review progress made since the 2011 Political Declaration on NCDs and the 2014 Outcome Document on NCDs, and is an opportunity to highlight gaps in the response and secure new commitments for action. It is an important moment in the NCD response, as it ensures NCDs continue to be viewed as a political and priority development issue that goes well beyond health. 
In order to leverage the UN HLM and its Outcome Document for greater action and accountability on NCDs, the NCD Alliance is conducting a broad online consultation to help inform our advocacy priorities for the outcome of the 2018 UN HLM.

This survey aims to understand how civil society views progress on NCDs since 2014, in particular with regards to country-level action, and develop priorities for the 2018 UN HLM campaign and outcome. Our initial advocacy priorities will be shared at the 2nd Global NCD Alliance Forum in Sharjah, UAE from 9 - 11 December 2017. 
We therefore invite members of the NCD community to complete an online survey HERE and encourage you to share it with other relevant organisations. Please submit your responses to the online consultation by Friday 24 November. The PDF version of the survey is available here to facilitate consultation and help formulate your responses. Please note however that all responses must be submitted online. 
For more information on the modalities of the 2018 UN High-level Meeting, please see the NCD Alliance Process Priorities document.