Committee of people living with NCDs

Congratulations to our newly selected members of the Our Views, Our Voices Global Advisory Committee for 2022-2023!

29th April 2022

The Our Views, Our Voices initiative is pleased to announce its new Global Advisory Committee for the April 2022 to December 2023 tenure, comprising of 15 members from different regions of the globe and representing lived experiences of a range of NCDs, care partner experience, and a diversity of civil society experience. The Advisory Committee members bring unique knowledge and insights based on these lived experiences and their track records in leadership, advocacy, awareness raising and more. They will offer their expertise to address and amplify the needs, challenges and recommendations of people living with NCDs.

The Advisory Committee provides overall direction to the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, including incorporating the voices of people living with NCDs into the work of the NCD Alliance, and addressing specific needs and challenges of people living with NCDs, such as promoting resilience, recovery, and future pandemic preparedness.

Alongside advising on the different aspects, activities, and opportunities within the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, the Advisory Committee for 2022-23 will be championing and contributing thought leadership to the issue of meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs at global, regional, and national levels.

Global Advisory Committee members are also closely involved with various national and regional NCD alliances and NCDA members, bringing context-specific perspectives and reinforcing the knowledge and vibrancy of the global NCD community. The NCD Alliance is delighted to welcome the Global Advisory Committee members on board!

Meet the Our Views, Our Voices 2022-2023 Global Advisory Committee Members.