Dementia and NCDs: Shared risk factors, shared solutions

08th April 2015

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and Alzheimer's Australia will host the 30th International Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International from 15 to 18 April 2015 in Perth, Australia.The conference theme this year is "Care, Cure and the Dementia Experience - A Global Challenge". 

In addition to the core programme of the conference, supporters of the NCD Alliance have organised two sessions entitled The NCD Dialogues, which will take place on Thursday 16th March.

These will provide an open environment for dynamic and interactive discussions on two key issues: the shared risk factors and solutions for dementia and other NCDs, and the role of workplaces in the response to dementia and NCDs.

Session 1.Tackling Dementia and Non-communicable Diseases Together: Shared Risk Factors, Shared Solutions (14:00-15:30). Dementia and NCDs are collectively driven by the same shared risk factors and social determinants; experience the same challenges, myths and misconceptions; and demand similar approaches and solutions.

Session 2. How can workplaces be used to help tackle Dementia and other NCDs? (16:00-17:30). With an ageing workforce and an increased awareness of the opportunity for dementia risk reduction in working age adults, healthy workplaces are a key lever to tackle dementia and other NCDs.  In addition, with rising numbers of employees balancing work with caring for people with chronic conditions, there is an opportunity to learn from shared approaches.

Speakers will include Mr Marc Wortmann (CEO, ADI), Ms Katie Dain (Executive Director, NCD Alliance), Professor Henry Brodaty (University of New South Wales), Dr Paul Zollinger-Read (Global Chief Medical Officer, Bupa), Mr Harry Johns (President and CEO, Alzheimer’s Association), Dr Fiona Adshead (Chief Wellbeing and Public Health Officer, Bupa), Ms Kate Swaffer (Chair, Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Advisory Committee), Dr Laura Campo (Advisor, International Advocacy and Professional Relations, Eli Lilly and Co.), Ms Kathryn Smith (Director of Operations, Alzheimer's Society).

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