Egyptian NCD alliance | NCD Summit ENACT 2019
Egyptian NCD alliance at the NCD Summit ENACT 2019

Egyptian NCD alliance leading regional NCD summit

25th November 2019

The Egyptian NCD Alliance collaborated with Upjohn Egypt, a division of Pfizer, to conduct a two-days educational medical forum, for primary care physicians, tackling the prevention and control of NCDs in the region.

The event was held on 14 and 15 November 2019 and was moderated by key experts in the cardiology, diabetes, and mental health fields. It tackled innovative educational topics and approaches that triggered insightful discussions based on real clinical experiences and learnings.
“Capability building of primary care personnel through education and tools is a national priority that the Egyptian NCD alliance is committed to contribute to through several initiatives that we are developing and planning to conduct with our partners throughout the next years” commented Professor Adel El Sayed – Professor of Internal Medicine and President of the Egyptian NCD alliance.
In his turn Dr Mohamed Sweilam, General Manager of Upjohn Egypt, emphasized the role that public private partnerships can have to advance strategic actions that can provide efficient and effective solutions to overcome the NCDs healthcare challenges in its many facets.

Insights and shared learnings to inform future partnerships for “better health” in Egypt  

In light of its focus to design and support strategic partnerships that provide quality medicines and solutions to patients suffering from NCDs, Upjohn Egypt organised a round table discussion with members of the Egyptian NCD Alliance and representatives of public and private institutions that have an active role in the policy and national initiatives in NCDs. 
The meeting was conducted on 15 November 2019 aiming to gather insights that would inform future strategic partnerships supported by value-based approaches. Discussions tackled barriers and opportunities at the policy level, delivery of care and health financing and access. More importantly, the meeting helped connect views and experiences that would trigger future collaborations and empowered actions on the NCDs front.