Global Health Council Launches New Roundtable on Non-Communicable Diseases with The NCD Alliance and The American Cancer Society

02nd February 2011

The transitioning global disease burden now means a world where the majority of mortality is a result of NCDs, even in low- and middle-income countries where 80% of deaths occur.

Many developing countries are now faced with a double-burden of both communicable and non-communicable diseases, often with a health system that is ill-equipped to address both the health implications, as well as the underlying risk factors.

The globalization of risk factors creates additional challenges, particularly with unhealthy diets and tobacco use, which is now the leading cause of preventable death worldwide. This roundtable will create a forum for dialogue among Global Health Council members and key stakeholders interested in addressing the four major NCDs (cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes) and associated risk factors (tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, physical inactivity, and unhealthy diets) to help prioritize these issues in the global health and development agendas.

The Roundtable will contribute to other global efforts being led by The NCD Alliance to develop policy recommendations related to NCDs during the lead-up to the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting (NCD Summit) in September 2011, including:

> Where do NCDs fit as a global health priority?

> How should NCDs be viewed in the context of development and health systems?

> How can solutions be integrated into our work and evaluated to demonstrate effectiveness?

Four Working Groups will be launched in support of the NCD Roundtable on the following topics:

1. UN process & opportunities - This workgroup learns or educates Roundtable participants about the UN process for NCD advocacy in 2011 and beyond, and proposes framework or roles for action.

2. Policy recommendations – This workgroup researches and proposes interventions, resources, integration, country strategies, and implementation or evaluation for global NCD programs.

3. Stakeholder outreach & events – This workgroup plans or leverages activities in the US (especially DC and NY) and in-region, engaging multiple sectors (i.e. NGOs, IGOs, USG, corporate, media).

4. Communications, information, & messaging - This workgroup develops or disseminates action alerts in coordination with The NCD Alliance, GHC communicators, and other RT participant events and outreach. This working group will also catalogue other advocacy activities by RT participants and other major actors to ensure consistency and coordination of messages.

For more information, please contact Craig Moscetti at cmoscetti(at)

To view the Roundtable Concept Paper, click here.