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Urgent Call for Signatories: Health for 55% of the world's population

14th July 2016

Together with other civil society organisations, NCD Alliance has developed recommendations for health in the New Urban Agenda, which is to be adopted at Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador this October.

Over half the world's population now lives in urban areas, with increasing urbanisation being associated with exposure to air pollution, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity, as well as other health risks.

The New Urban Agenda will define priorities for sustainable urbanisation over the next two decades, and presents an opportunity to ensure that health priorities are integrated into city planning.

By 2050, 66% of the world's population will live in urban areas. Currently, there is a great need for increased focus on health in the document.

The recommendations outline proposed text for inclusion in the Draft New Urban Agenda, together with annexed interventions and evidence to improve urban public health. The recommendations are being circulated to the Habitat III co-facilitators, and New York and Geneva Missions. 

Please sign on to the recommendations letter and disseminate among your networks.


To date the following organisations have signed on:

  1. Aliança de Controle do Tabagismo, Brazil
  2. Alzheimer's Disease International
  3. American Heart Association
  4. C3 Collaborating for Health
  5. Cancer Aid Society, India
  6. Danish NCD Alliance
  7. Deutsche Allianz Nichtübertragbare Krankheiten DANK
  8. District TB Centre, Angul, Government of Odisha Health and Family Welfare Department, India
  9. European Public Health Alliance
  10. Evangelical Social Action Forum, India
  11. Forum of International Respiratory Societies
  12. Friends of Cancer Patients, UAE
  13. Fondacija Zdravljei srce (Foundation of Heart and Health), Bosnia and Herzegovina
  14. Fundación Mídete, Mexico
  15. Global Climate and Health Alliance
  16. Health and Environment Alliance
  17. HealthBridge Foundation of Canada
  18. Healthy Caribbean Coalition
  19. Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange)
  20. International Alliance of Women 
  21. International Diabetes Federation
  22. International Society for Physical Activity and Health
  23. International Society of Urban Health
  24. Institute of Alcohol Studies (UK)
  25. IOGT International
  26. ISGlobal (formerly ISGlobal and CREAL)
  27. Kreftforiningen (Norwegian Cancer Society)
  28. La Ciudad Verde
  29. Low Carbon City Forum
  30. National Centre of Disease Control, Libya
  31. NCD Alliance (Global)
  32. NCD Alliance Malawi
  33. New York Academy of Medicine
  34. Pacific Health and Development Sciences, Inc.
  35. Participatory Sanitation Development Initiative (PASDI)
  36. Peaceful Roads, Niger
  37. Plan UK
  38. Smarter than Car
  39. Union for International Cancer Control
  40. Universities for Health e.V., Germany
  41. Walk21
  42. Women Coalition Against Cancer in Malawi - WOCACA
  43. World Cancer Research Fund International
  44. World Heart Federation
  45. Vital Strategies