@ Rwanda has now an NCD Alliance, that started with 5 organisations aimed to work together fighting and controlling NCDs in the country

Launch of the Rwanda Non Communicable Disease Alliance

29th September 2016

In a step forward for NCD prevention and control, the Rwandan Non Communicable Disease Alliance (RNCDA), a new civil society platform, was formed this week.  

RNCDA is made of a group of organisations including the Rwanda Diabetes Association, Rwanda Heart Foundation, Rwanda Cardiac Patients Network, Breast Cancer Association, Breast Cancer Initiative for East Africa, and the Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students’ Association. Several other CSOs have been invited and may join the alliance soon.

RNCDA aims to unify the efforts of member organisations to raise awareness and advocate for the prevention and the control of the most common NCDs and their risk factors.

Improving NCD care and treatment is also part of its main goals, as well as improving the wellbeing of people living with NCDs and their families. 

The newly civil society platform will work closely with governments and regional bodies, and contribute to the development of policies, strategies, and practical interventions. It will also support the East Africa NCD Alliance in its advocacy efforts towards the adoption of a WHO African regional framework, and an East African community strategy for NCDs, with a special focus on multisectoral collaboration.