Zambia NCD Alliance

Launch of Zambia Non-Communicable Disease Alliance’s National NCD Strategic Implementation Plan

20th December 2021

Civil society organisations, advocates with lived experience of NCDs and government representatives participated in the launch of the Zambia NCD Alliance’s National NCD Strategic Implementation Plan. This project has been supported in 2021 by the NCD Alliance’s Civil Society Solidarity Fund on NCDs and COVID-19 grant.

On 2 December, at an in-person and broadcasted event at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, the Zambia Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (ZANOCODA) launched its implementation strategy for the National NCD Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

The strategic plan was developed through consultations made by a team comprising leaders of the alliance’s member organisations, people living with NCDs, young advocates, and representatives from the Health Promotion and Determinants of Health Unit at the Ministry of Health of Zambia. The plan was reviewed by the same team, building consensus and ensuring the different perspectives of the role played by ZANOCODA were reflected. The final document was shared with national stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health and the Vice-president of Zambia.

At the launch event, Prof. Fastone Goma, President of ZANOCODA stated that the key issues that the alliance is focusing on are the prevention, control and management of the major NCDs in the region: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and respiratory diseases; and tackling the most common risk factors: tobacco use, alcohol abuse and unhealthy diets.

“NCDs are a looming disaster in Zambia which need urgent action, the battle can be won. ZANOCODA had previously successfully launched the 5-year Strategic Plan, and this is now a launch of the implementation plan of that 5-year strategy.” - Prof. Fastone Goma, President of ZANOCODA.

After his words, groups of young people gave key messages on their involvement in the fight against NCDs, remarking on the importance of this new implementation strategy in support of World Children’s Day celebrated on 20 November. In their interventions, they called on the government to refocus the approach to NCDs by involving children and youth in the development of public health and environmental policies. They also called on alliance member organizations to involve youth in their advocacy strategies and plans.

On behalf of the NCD Alliance, Ms. Rosie Murton, Partnerships and Memberships Officer, highlighted the importance of the launch of this strategy, which will certainly allow the alliance to strengthen its coalition building, advocacy and communications efforts. She further recognised the work of alliances like ZANOCODA, which are critical in the fight against NCDs at national and community levels.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Fastone Goma requested member organisations to align their activities with the National NCD Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Health, promoting networks and leveraging on individual strengths to increase collaboration and advance towards building back better and fairer from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this event, the member organisations of ZANOCODA committed to the implementation strategy over the next five years, promoting resilience and fostering synergies with the government in promoting better health for people living with NCDs.