NCD Alliance

Listen to our latest podcast: Unlocking the power of lived experience

05th December 2022

Five years ago, when the NCD Alliance and people living with NCDs started the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, ‘meaningful involvement’ was barely defined as a concept. It was our aim to take part in changing this - and we did. Today, meaningful involvement is becoming an official part of health decision-making processes, and people living with NCDs often have an important seat at the table. This is an important step forward - but there is still much more to change.

In our latest podcast, launched as part of the Our Views, Our Voices five-year anniversary, you’ll hear from two lived experience advocates who are part of the initiative - Cajsa Lindberg and Bruno Helman - in a conversation hosted by Chris Agbega, another member of the Our Views, Our Voices initiative. They discuss the topic of meaningful involvement and its crucial role for designing health systems that meet the true needs of people living with NCDs.

They also reflect on these past five years since the Our Views, Our Voices initiative was born. Starting with consultations with people living with NCDs around the world and leading up to the development of Advocacy Agendas, the NCD Diaries, and the Global Charter of Meaningful Involvement, you can hear about all that’s been achieved and what remains for the years ahead.

To learn more about the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, watch this anniversary video! It gives a retrospective on the last five years, shining a spotlight on key aims and achievements.