National Forum Launches New Policy Depot

12th September 2012

The Policy Depot – Rethinking cardiovascular health policy

The Policy Depot is a new, innovative social network created specifically for cardiovascular health policy professionals throughout the world. Developed by the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and CINDI, the Policy Depot creates new opportunities for policy professionals to develop,implement, and share evidence-based policies and best practices that will reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease within their communities.

Whether you work on policies related to tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, physical activity, or any other risk factors or diseases, the Policy Depot tailors content to fit your experience, interests, and policy environment. This individualized approachallows you to interact with other policy professionals, resources, and events that match your policy interests and needs.

The Policy Depot will launch on World Heart Day in just a few short weeks. Please join us for a live webinar on October 1st to learn how the Policy Depot will change the way you approach cardiovascular health policies. To sign up for the webinar, or to learn more about the Policy Depot, click here.