NCD Alliance and 50 partners call on WHO Executive Board to accelerate adoption of NCD targets

19th January 2012

Download the full PDF statement here.
Download the full WHO Executive Board Resolution (EB130.R7) on NCDs here.


Thank you for the opportunity to deliver this statement on behalf of the NCD Alliance and 50 leading civil society organisations.

We commend Member States on their support for the Political Declaration on the Prevention and Control of NCDs, adopted at the UN High Level Meeting in September 2011.

Halting the NCD epidemic requires timely implementation of the commitments in the Political Declaration and taking clear decisions at the 65th World Health Assembly this May.

Therefore, we call on Member States to:

  • One: Invest time and resources in the consultation process leading to the adoption of a global monitoring and accountability framework at WHA, and invite civil society into this process.
  • Two: Adopt a first set of realistic global targets at WHA and agree a process and timeline for additional targets.
    • Endorsement in May of the goal to reduce preventable deaths from NCDs (by 25% by 2025) is essential.
    • WHO’s examples of targets to reduce tobacco, salt, alcohol, blood pressure and transfats – which have the highest level of adherence to WHO’s criteria –should also be endorsed without delay.Targets and indicators on other vital priorities, such as access to essential medicines, must also be developed by the end of 2012.We note that countries can adopt additional national targets at any time.
  • Three: Include NCDs in the post-2015 international development goal-setting process. NCDs are a cross-cutting development priority and must be fully integrated into future global, regional and national development frameworks.
  • Four: Support civil society participation in the establishment of a genuinely multisectoral global partnership for NCDs.
  • Five: Provide WHO with the necessary resources to promote and monitor global action on NCDs.

The NCD Alliance and other civil society organisations pledge our continued support to Member States and WHO in pursuing these objectives. Together, we can secure a healthy future for all.

Endorsed by:

African Heart Network
Alzheimer's Disease International
American Cancer Society
American College of Cardiology
American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
Arogya World
Asia Pacific Heart Network
Cancer Research UK
Children’s Heartlink
CLAN (Caring & Living as Neighbours)
Consumers International
Cuban Society of Cardiology
European Heart Network
Finnish Heart Association
Fundacion Araucaria
Global Alcohol Policy Alliance
Global Alliance for Physical Activity
Global Health Council
Handicap International Federation
Heart Foundation of Jamaica
HelpAge International
Indonesian Heart Foundation
Indonesian NCD Alliance
International Diabetes Federation
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Obesity Taskforce
International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
Irish Heart Foundation
Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control
Kyrgyzstan National Centre of Cardiology
Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Mrigendra Samjhana Medical Trust, Nepal
National Heart Forum
National Heart Foundation of Australia
National Heart Foundation of New Zealand
NCD Child
Nigerian Heart Foundation
Norwegian Cancer Society
Norwegian Health Association
Partners in Health
Project HOPE
Public Health Institute, USA
Slovak Society of Cardiology
World Action on Salt and Health
World Cancer Research Fund International
World Dental Federation
World Federation of Public Health Associations
World Heart Federation
World Lung Foundation
World Palliative Care Alliance
World Stroke Organization
Zambia Heart and Stroke Foundation