NCDA releases new Annual Report 2021

26th May 2022

2021 was a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to take a terrible toll on people living with NCDs around the world, and the ripple effects have magnified and widened inequalities, disrupted health systems, and triggered economic recessions. The long-term public health consequences and aftershocks of COVID are still to be fully quantified, but the impact on global and national progress on NCDs has been immediate and brutal.

More than a year since the outbreak of the pandemic, we can look back with pride at our response. The global advocacy we have led, based upon our Global NCD Agenda for Resilience and Recovery from COVID-19, the programmes we were able to deliver such as the Civil Society Solidarity Fund on NCDs and COVID-19, and our communications to document and amplify the experiences of people living with NCDs throughout this pandemic were thanks to the strength, energy and expertise of NCDA’s global network of members and testament to the importance of partnerships in delivering impact.

Over the course of 2021, we have been able to achieve some extraordinary results – many of which are documented in this report. Our sustained efforts to strengthen the capacity of NCDA members and alliances at national and regional levels, particularly in LMICs, and promote the meaningful involvement of civil society and people living with NCDs in the response is paying off. We have seen remarkable steps forward and clear evidence we are shaping the agenda globally, bolstering a civil society movement at local level, and uniting the community with our global campaigns and initiatives.

And despite the unrelenting challenges of COVID-19, NCDA ended 2021 in a strong financial position and a growing and diverse partnership and membership base.

The 2021 annual report provides a snapshot of the activities and achievements of NCDA and our extensive constituency. It also includes a summary of financial statements as well as an overview of the NCD Alliance grants including the Advocacy Institute programme, the Our Views, Our Voices initiative, the Civil Society Solidarity Fund on NCDs and COVID-19, and iTFA elimination programme.

The report serves as a testament and heartfelt thank you to our community as we move ever closer towards meeting our common goal: to reduce the NCD burden for people everywhere.

Click on the image below to read the full report.