Christopher Agbega was diagnosed with Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy at the age of 16. This changed his life drastically and led him to get involved in the Ghana NCD Alliance, becoming an engaged advocate for people living with NCDs.

New Our Views, Our Voices mini-films from Ghana and India launched

02nd December 2019

In the lead up to Universal Health Coverage Day 2019, NCD Alliance has launched two mini-films that present the hard-hitting and powerful stories of two Our Views, Our Voices advocates from Ghana and India. The mini-films have been produced together with the Ghana NCD Alliance and Healthy India Alliance and thanks to NCD Alliance’s partnership with Access Accelerated. 

The role of people living with NCDs as powerful agents of change is underscored by the extraordinary and provocative lived experiences narrated by the protagonists of these mini-films. 

Passionate about music and social justice, Christopher Agbega from Ghana shares his experience of living with Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy, the challenges of unaffordable healthcare and finding inspiration in sharing his story to demand for stronger action on NCDs. 

"People living with NCDs must take every opportunity to share their lived experience, so we can raise awareness on NCDs and achieve healthy lives for all" - Christopher Agbega

From India, Jyotsna Govil, shares her lifelong experience of caring for people living with NCDs, including cancer and dementia, and highlights the need to channelise efforts to deal with the growing challenges of NCD co-morbidities.

"We must support governments in building a culture of health for all, that addresses NCD prevention, treatment and care, that includes palliative care, with no exception, no excuses" - Jyotsna Govil

Chris and Jyotsna share their incredible journeys as advocates and call on governments and civil society alike to step up efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage in a manner that truly puts people first




Both mini-films are sub-titled in English, French and Spanish. Click on the links below to access:

Jyostna Govil's mini-film:

English version:

Spanish subtitles:

French subtitles:


Christopher Agbega's mini-film:

English version:

Spanish subtitles:

French subtitles:


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