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New report on NCDs and workplace wellness

24th May 2016

A new report on workplace wellness and NCDs calls upon governments, civil society and private sector to adopt a ‘whole employee´ approach and take shared responsibility for health and wellbeing through innovative partnerships, with a commitment to share expertise and knowledge, and mobilise resources. 

The report "Realising the potential of workplaces to prevent and control NCDs", was jointly produced by NCD Alliance and Bupa and launched today in Geneva, to coincide with the 69th World Health Assembly.

“The inclusion in the UN Sustainable Development Goals of a standalone target to reduce premature deaths from NCDs by one-third represents a landmark in the global response to NCDs. It also marks a new era of development in which multisectoral partnerships are fostered and the private sector is encouraged to apply its innovation, resources and reach to mitigate the impact of NCDs”, affirmed José Luis Castro, NCD Alliance Chair.

The report examines the evidence for the effectiveness of existing policy and regulatory measures, and presents a set of recommendations that can have a transformative effect on the health of the global workforce:

  1. Promote multisectoral dialogue and action
  2. Improve the delivery of NCD prevention and management through the workplace
  3. Support people returning to work
  4. Provide incentives to scale and measure impact.

The report also documents emerging strategies from diverse economic and business settings that together can create a broader enabling environment to fully leverage the workplace as a platform for NCD prevention and control.