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Our Views Our Voices Community Consultations taking place around the world - add your voice!

09th August 2017

Our Views, Our Voices is an initiative that seeks to meaningfully involve people living with NCDs in the NCD response, supporting and enabling individuals to share their views to take action and drive change.

Over the month of August 2017, we are calling all people living with NCDs to make their views and recommendations heard by participating in our online consultation or attending an in-person community conversation.

Community Conversations

Community conversations are being carried out or planned in Egypt, Mexico, The Philippines, India, and East Africa. Several conversations are also being carried out by the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network in different countries.

Here are a few highlights…

In Mexico, the Mexico SaludHable coalition will be holding six community conversations next week – involving people living with diabetes, former smokers with respiratory diseases, carers and family members of Alzheimer’s patients, and those who are addicted to drugs or who have been rehabilitated, among others.

In Philippines, HealthJustice has organised a team to oversee the recruiting for participants, and so far 14 partner groups (and counting) are involved in identifying and convening participants. Conversations have been scheduled for August 16th to 23rd in Manila and Quezon City.

In India, The Healthy India Alliance members are organising five community conversations between now and August 21st, each in a different region of the country in order to capture the views of individuals from different parts of this diverse country.

If you would like to host a community conversation, see our comprehensive Guide to Hosting a Community Conversation HERE and report back to us by the 31st of August!

Online Consultation

The online consultation is a survey open to all people living with NCDs (including care partners, friends, and relatives) that addresses all the key themes discussed in in-person community conversations. French and Spanish versions will soon be available on consultation webpage – stay tuned!

There’s still plenty of time to get make your voice heard - please respond by the 31st of August to contribute to the Global Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs.